The Leading Leaders group of Charis Foundation conducted a Campus Reach Out activity to some select Southridge Afternoon School students on May 29, 2013


Reaching Out! Charis Foundation conducted a Leading Leaders training-seminar to Southridge Afternoon School students.

The Leading Leaders group of Charis Foundation was invited by some of the Faculty Members of PAREF Southridge Afternoon School to conduct leadership training seminar with the theme of Leading Leaders: Uniting the Nation in Virtue. The participants of the program were 25 high school students including the Student Council officers for the coming school year.

The group was composed of Jao Asayas, Elijah Rito,  Lester Collamar, Kevin Arguelles. Asayas (2010), Rito and Collamar (both 2009) are alumni of the school while Arguelles is a university of Far Eastern University who had participated in one Leading Leaders training-seminar before and was tapped to become a facilitator for the Southridge event.

The topics discussed by the speakers ranged from the traits of a leader to the role of the youth in nation building.


Kids at work(shop)! Students of Southridge Afternoon School participating actively in a workshop during the Leading Leaders training-seminar held in their school by Charis Foundation.

The speakers also gave the students a workshop relating to their aspirations for the Philippines and a series of leadership talks focusing on the essential qualities and elements a leader must possess in order to be more useful to any organization and most importantly to be of service to the society.